Creative Design

Commercial printing establishments are not often seen as being particularly involved in design, artwork and typesetting, but we can assure you that here, at Print House, we have a very talented team of print designers supported by some of the most advanced computer software available. In most issues of Printing Plus we have highlighted specific jobs that have been designed and printed in our establishment. In many cases ‘created’ can also be added to the preparations. Whether it be business cards or 4-colour brochures, posters, or multi-page corporate profiles, our designers can provide you with modern and very attractive artwork.

A logo design service is also available, and we can upload and download digital files through a host of mediums including PDF, FTP and E-mail. If you would like to view some of the items which we have produced, and ‘check out’ the people who produce the ideas, contact our Sales Team to arrange a time to visit.

When supplying print ready PDF files to Print House, there are a few settings that you should be aware of and you can download those here.

Please note: Because digital files are generally perceived as quick and very easy to manipulate, some clients have been surprised when a charge is mentioned to cover costs in providing a printout from a disk, or copies of logos and other files onto disk, or in forwarding a file on to another interested party. Standard charges for this service range between $20 and $40 plus GST, and cover the time required to access a file from our archives, manipulate as necessary and email or copy onto a disk. Very large files can take quite a long time to access and download so a price should be sought before confirming such action to be taken.

Imaging – Computer To Plate Technology

Mako Plate Box CTP

One of our most important decisions has been to invest in a fully computerised pre-press production suite, complete with Computer to Plate imaging.

While our pre-press department has always enjoyed a good reputation for the quality of its film stripping work, the rapid advances and growth in computer-created artwork made it essential that we took charge in this critical area to ensure quality control and competitiveness.

The Computer to Plate technology allows us to print your product from PDF supplied files, however there are a few settings you will need to be aware of if you intend to supply PDF files for printing.