Management Team

Brett Phillips,

He’s been described as ambitious, intense, passionate and forward thinking – all accurate, and all necessary ingredients for success. But if you asked Brett what his qualities are, he would say, “I tend to focus on doing the basics well and keeping things simple.”
This strategy has worked well for Brett who entered the printing industry fresh from school, completing his printing apprenticeship in 1982 and in 1986 purchasing a shareholding in Express Print (now Print House).
Brett’s role in the company has evolved so that he now focuses on the strategic and financial planning requirements of the business rather than hands-on operations.

Jim Grainger,
Operations Manager

Jim Grainger Jim completed his printing apprenticeship in Manchester, England learning all aspects of print production and gaining a good grounding in the industry.
Visiting his brother in Te Awamutu in early 2003 was to be a holiday for Jim, but he felt so at home in New Zealand that on a trip to Hamilton, he made a spur of the moment decision to check out the print industry and opportunities that might exist.
Coincidentally, Print House had a vacancy for a printer at the time and Jim applied for the job. After being offered and accepting the job Jim undertook to relocate his family to New Zealand.
Jim progressed quickly through the ranks at Print House, accepting the role of Operations Manager and purchasing a shareholding in the company in 2006.
“I’m looking forward to my future with Print House and continuing to work with all the staff and management team to deliver the best print solutions to the region.”

Stephen O’Toole,
Sales Manager

Stephen O'TooleStephen, having completed his apprenticeship locally, joined Print House in 1995 to run our 4- and 5-colour presses.
It didn’t take long to recognise that Stephen would be suited to a management role in the company and he quickly progressed through the roles of printer to press-room supervisor and soon accepted the role of general manager.
“I have had lots of opportunities thrown my way over the years from the company’s directors,” said Stephen. “We have alliances with print companies in the UK, Australia and China, so the internet has become an integral part of our day to day operations.”
Stephen purchased a shareholding the company in 2005 and continues to be a valuable member of the management team.

Board of Directors

Brett Phillips
Stephen O'Toole
Jim Grainger

Bill Wiles
Eric Hill
Lynnette Hill