Completing the project

Like a fine painting which needs the right frame to be complete, few printing jobs are finished when they leave the press hall. Print House’s bindery and finishing department has the responsibility of turning the raw printed formes into products in their final form. We take pride in the quality of our finishing work.

The recent installation of a fully-featured Horizon StitchLiner binding machine has kept our finishing department up with latest technological trends and, in keeping with Print House policy, staff have received training for the new digitalised machine which dramatically enhances our finishing capabilities.

The StitchLiner produces folded and saddle stitched booklets that, combined with three-knife trimming, produce neatly finished booklets at several thousand copies per hour.

New features Print House can offer with the StitchLiner is the ability to incorporate a 6-page fold sheet into a booklet with ease and 2 hole punching can be processed in the same run as the collating, folding and stitching.

If your product is to be distributed to a database, Print House can flow-wrap, label with your supplied database and deliver to the desired distributor.

While Print House has full folding, stitching and collating facilities in-house any job outside our size capability can be easily outsourced to industry established print finishing houses with whom we maintain a close association.