Environmental Policy

Committed to Our Environment
SeedlingPrint House is committed to the protection of the environment and improving the reputation of the printing industry with regards to environmental concerns.
Sustainability covers all facets of our business.
The Shareholders, Directors and employees must all consider with equal importance the financial, social and environmental issues that will maintain and grow the business.
The following principals shall govern all practices in the product, development, manufacture, procurement, marketing, distribution, maintenance, reuse/recycling and disposal of products and related services.
Print House is committed to excellence not only in its business performance but also in its environmental performance. This excellence is consistent with the company’s objectives and essential to its continued business success.
Print House is committed to integrating environmental considerations into business wherever possible and will at minimum be in full compliance with applicable governmental requirements.
Print House is committed to working with customers, suppliers and contractors to enhance environmental performance and to communicate environmental excellence to its clients and the general public.
Our policy includes the monitoring and recycling of production waste that is recyclable and to ensure sustainable business practices are adhered to.
Environmental sustainability requires activities to only use nature’s resources at a rate at which they can be replenished easily, with the ultimate aim to ensure renewable capacity to meet further activity.
Our policy is the preferred use of papers that have ‘chain of custody’ certification, a recycled content along with the use of vegetable oil based inks.
Recycling of our paper waste, chemicals and production by-products is standard component of our prepress, printing and finishing operation.
Print House will continue to advance it’s environmental policy with the aim to lessen our impact on the environment and to assure clients that the use of paper and products sourced from ‘renewable’ or recycled sources is the first consideration.
If you are employed by Print House it will be your responsibility to ensure the initiatives and policies set within company procedures are adhered to.