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The applications for Video-in-Print® and Multisensory products are limited only by your imagination!

Engage, Influence and Motivate your Target Audience

Video Slate with customised video and branding

Educate and inform with these sleek video slates and incorporate your own company branding

The all new 7" Video Slate

Video Slate
(Click on image to see video)

This Video Slate has a rugged design and is intended to be in the field for up to one year. For added value, you can update and change the content easily throughout the course of the year. The Video Slate provides you with the most innovative and effective tool to communicate with your customers, clients, patients, employees, shareholders and any other core constituents.


  • 7" LCD Screen
  • On/Off Switch Activation
  • 6 chapter buttons
  • Volume Control
  • Headphone Jack
  • Fast Forward/Rewind
  • Self charging docking base

Ideal uses include:

  • Product Demonstrations
  • Workplace Training
  • Health and Safety Procedures
  • Sales Pitches
  • Customer Education

Infinity Video Slate

Infinity Tablet
(Click on image to see video)

This fully branded tablet allows you to communicate important information to your customers at critical points of contact. The sleek and portable design is the perfect tool for an endless array of settings and applications. Whether it is used to communicate with customers in office, in the field or at the point of sale, its versatility and durability make it a critical marketing asset for any company. [ the spec sheet here]

Ideal uses include:

  • Product demonstrations on retail counters; and
  • Self-service information regarding:
    • medical procedures and products,
    • hospital admission processes and examinations,
    • professional services,
    • pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.


- V -

Off the Shelf Tablet

powers up, starts and plays INSTANTLY
no additional software required
high quality video and sound
very affordable
no monthly connection fees
fully branded/customised
easy to send by mail
designed to be passed along
sleek and portable
low risk of theft
intuitive, easy to use controls
no technical training required
durable/shock resistant

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