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May 2013

New Zealand Pride in Print Awards 2013
Print House won a gold medal at the prestigious New Zealand Pride in Print awards held at TSB Arena, Wellington in May. The gold medal was won in the Innovation category for our Video-in-Print® entries. Print House is the Exclusive Distributor of patented Video-in-Print® and multisensory products in New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands. The patent owner, Americhip®, holds Worldwide patents for the technology.

February 2013

The all new 7" Video Slate is released
Released this month, the all new 7" Video Slate is a fantastic extension of the Infinity Slate with an even more robust design intended for use in the field for up to one year. Packed with user friendly features, the 7" Video Slate will work for you as a sales aid, training tool, instruction manual, marketing device and more.
See more details here.

September 2012

Marie Claire claims UK first with video ad in October issue
Marie Claire, the monthly wmen's magazine owned by IPC, is carrying a video ad for a Dolce and gabbana fragrance in the pages of some copies of its October edition.
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March 2012

Americhip's New Pocket Player puts Ad Copy in Your Hands and a Pitchman in Your Ear
Americhip, the multisensory ad company known for its high impact, attention-getting marketing technologies, recently announced a much more personal and private mechanism to deliver brand messages.
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February 2012

International brand, adidas, picks up new communication and marketing technology via Hamilton firm
adidas New Zealand will be showing off one of the latest international innovations in marketing technology to it's head office in Germany thanks to a Hamilton company.
Print House in Hamilton is the distributor of integrated multi media technology that allows ultra thin video screens to be placed in a range of situations to 'show-and-tell' about a product and attract the attention of customers.
The system can incorporate a stand-alone video screen and player within a page of a book, but in the case of adidas New Zealand the technology is being used in point-of-sale display stands.
Retail and trade marketing manager for adidas New Zealand, Sarah Satterthwaite, says the compactness of the technology and the impact it makes with potential customers means it is ideally suited to adidas' new miCoach SPEED_CELL product.
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miCoach SPEED_CELL is a device that fits inside an adidas sports shoe or boot which records downloadable data so that the wearer can track their performance and compete again other miCoach SPEED_CELL wearers on-line.
"We have the Video-in-Print® (ViP) currently operating in display stands at 14 stores in New Zealand with plans to increase this to 22 stores by the end of 2012.
Stores that are currently displaying the technology include adidas stores, specialist football shops, selected Stirling Sports and Rebel Sports.
"We have had great success with the technology in our Newmarket store in particular, with the store reporting that many of its sales are directly attributable to how the miCoach SPEED_CELL product can be seen on screen.
"Because many of our potential customers will have seen this product on-line, the way we can then follow up that exposure in stores with this moving image technology is ideal," says Sarah Satterthwaite.
She says the technology is a perfect marketing solution for the miCoach SPEED_CELL and she is hopeful that adidas head office in Germany may even pick up the technology once it sees how it has been used in New Zealand.
The ViP innovation was developed by U.S. company Americhip® and is already in use in many parts of the world. Hamilton's Print House has the distribution rights for New Zealand.
CEO of Print House Brett Phillips says it has been a boost for the marketing technology that such a massive international brand such as adidas has picked up the video in print devices.
"I've found that once companies see the potential for this technology as an integrated communication and marketing tool they become pretty enthusiastic quite quickly. It is also very satisfying to know that this is something that is generating sales, because at the end of the day that is what it is supposed to do," he says.
Features of ViP are that it allows various chapters of video to be played, it can be activated through sensor movement and it can be presented physically in a way that fits with the sophistication of products.
Sarah Satterthwaite says with an increasing crowded media market where people's attention is constantly being sought, a multi media device like ViP that is slick and relevant can be very powerful.
"We've found through selling our products in large stores that there is lots of competition for attention. The layout of modern stores also means that ideally marketing materials need to be compact and free standing. Video-in-Print® has delivered us a solution which meets all of these requirements."

February 2012

See the latest Video-in-Print® product to be released to the market:
The sleek Video Slate is a unique, fully branded, portable unit which can be located in key positions within your organisation enabling easy access to the audience you are targetting. This professionally designed communication tool is ideal for:
  • Product demonstrations on retail counters; and
  • Infinity Tablet
  • Self-service information regarding:
    • medical procedures and products,
    • hospital admission processes and examinations,
    • professional services,
    • pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
[ the spec sheet here]

November 2011

• NZ Marketing Magazine writes about Video-in-Print® [ full article here]
• Video-in-Print® in New Zealand highlighted on TVNZ AMP Business News
[..see video footage here]

September 2011

Australian finance firm, AMP, uses Video-in-Print® technology in latest marketing campaign [ full article here]

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Americhip®, the leading designer and manufacturer of Multisensory® advertising and marketing technologies, is pleased to announce the first ever utility patent issued for its new invention, Video in Print®. The patent will issue September 6, 2011, and covers a wide range of current and planned Video in Print® cards, print collateral, brochures, magazine inserts, specialty packaging, point of sale and premiums. Americhip has already received numerous design patents on its new technology and has filed additional patent applications in numerous countries around the globe. [ full article here]

June 2011

Sealing the dealPrint House secures exclusive distribution rights for Americhip® Video-in-Print® and Multisensory products in New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands.
Print House CEO, Brett Phillips, seals the deal with Americhip® President, Kevin Clegg (left).

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Video-in-Print® Technology Powered by Americhip. U.S. Patent # 5,275,285 & other U.S. and Worldwide patents pending.