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Ideal uses for ViP® and Multisensory products:

  • Magazine Inserts
  • Corporate Profiles
  • Point of Sale Displays
  • Books, Albums & Portfolio's
  • Brochures & Direct Mailers
  • Packaging & Replicas Icons
  • Tender Presentations
  • Training & Instructional Manuals
  • Wedding & Special Event Albums
... actually almost anything where you want to communicate or 'wow' your audience!


- putting your customers' senses within your reach.


The world's first Video-In-Print technology blurs the line between digital and print media by bringing consumers paper-thin, full motion, crisp HD video in print. The screen can even let audiences download content from the web when it's updated! Imagine the possibilities? When it comes to audience engagement on anything made of paper - from packaging to training manuals to magazine inserts and direct mail, the only limits are your imagination.
iConnect VIP® brochure
Hawafena audio brochure


Live Radio Streaming now available too - click here to find out more!

We were the first to put audio into print and we've been leading the way ever since. We insert patented technology in unique magazine inserts, direct mail, point of purchase displays, and premiums.
Our sound engineers create unforgettable audio experiences that surprise, captivate, and engage as customers open them, move past them or activate them. From single-note melodies to fully orchestrated songs, from custom-made voiceover recordings to self-programmable chips, we deliver just what our clients want to hear: audio marketing solutions that increase brand awareness.


Have you seen people react when a magazine insert or direct mail piece lights up in their hands? The unexpected element of light in paper has the power to stop people. Americhip's range of light options gives you the ability to call attention to your messages with simple and delicate LEDs and to make big, bold statements with a light show of your own design. Or anything in between. Combine light with sound and other elements to design a experience, or simply let the light shine. It's all possible with Americhip's patented technologies.
Yellowtail Lighted brochure
Dancing with the Stars - materials brochure


Flat advertising has a problem: familiarity. People are so used to flat advertising that it very often goes unnoticed. When you use tactile materials, you call attention to your ad and you involve the reader. Americhip uses textures and fabrics in inventive ways to help convey messages and to illustrate uses or qualities of products. We've shown carbonation by using bubble wrap. We've shown the movement of a dancer's skirt by adding fringe. We can use any number of tactile elements to convey dimension, friction, motion, softness, roughness, fluidity - you name it. Just name it, and we'll make your target market feel it.


The sense of scent is a very powerful one. It can evoke emotion and it can evoke memories, often more effectively than the other senses can. A familiar soap from childhood. Movie theater popcorn. Fresh-cut grass. The air after a thunderstorm. Coffee just brewed. A new car. Can you smell them? Americhip can add just about any imaginable scent to your direct mail, magazine inserts, premiums, and more. And that creates emotional engagement between your customers and your brand. Choose from several of our distinctive in-stock scents, or our on-staff experts can work with you to develop a unique scent logo for your brand.
Febreeze scented brochure
Duque taste brochure


How can Americhip make the sense of taste part of a marketing campaign? It's simple. And it's safe. Taste strips come wrapped in thin, tamper-evident pouches and dissolve in consumers' mouths, much like breath strips. Imagine the possibilities. In print, you can demonstrate the flavor of a candy, soda, gum or any kind of food, for example. You can send a sample right to your customers' mailboxes. You can offer a taste demonstration right at the point of purchase. You can add taste to packaging and to giveaways.


Americhip's team of seven paper engineers is ready to create intricate artistry using imagination and patented paper-technology innovations. We offer stock solutions that range from classic, ready-to-go pop-up to complex and elaborate custom designs that unfold and leap from the page for unforgettable WOW effects. Dimensional paper creations give your advertising unexpected and delightful originality. They grab attention and keep it, which gives your advertising time to communicate about your brand.
Neiman Marcus Pop-up Book
Dancing With The Stars Pop-up Spinning Magazine Insert


At Americhip, we're experts in putting messages into motion. For many years we've led the world in the creation of original advertising that is anything but static. Motorized Technology, Pop up, Flippit, Scrolling Picture Changers and Lenticular are just a few of our technologies. And we're always developing new ones. Let us add movement to your marketing and watch how that impacts recall for your brand.
Print House is the Exclusive Distributor of Americhip® Video-in-Print® and Multisensory products in New Zealand & South Pacific Islands.
Video-in-Print® Technology Powered by Americhip. U.S. Patent # 5,275,285 & other U.S. and Worldwide patents pending.