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Why do the world's most recognised brands use and reorder VIP™ technology?
Because Return on Investment is everything.
Cost to Value - VIP™ Works! [ here for the latest stats]

Case Studies

  • Aetna VIP® Open Report
  • AMP Australia VIP® Magazine Insert Open Report
  • Astellas VIP® Patient Starter Kit Open Report
  • Audi VIP® Media Kit & Consumer Mailer Open Report
  • Avaya VIP® Mailer and Sales Aid Slate Open Report
  • Avera VIP® Open Report
  • Bacardi VIP® Open Report
  • CBS Hawaii Five-0 Audio Magazine Insert Open Report
  • Discovery Life VIP® Media Kit Open Report
  • Frito Lay VIP® BrochureOpen Report
  • Fruit of the Loom Shadow Box Magazine Insert Open Report
  • Google VIP® Book Open Report
  • Intuniv VIP® Informational Card Open Report
  • Jackson VIP® Open Report
  • Land O-Lakes VIP® Open Report
  • San Francisco 49ers Audio Mailer Open Report
  • Mazda 6 VIP® Book Open Report
  • Nike VIP® Sales Aid Open Report
  • OnStar VIP® Point of Sale Open Report
  • Panorama VIP® Open Report
  • Renault VIP® Magazine Insert Open Report
  • Saints VIP® Book Open Report
  • The Secret Circle Open Report
  • TNT Southland Audio Mailer with Jump Drive Open Report
  • Tysabri VIP® Sales Aid with Web-key Open Report
  • Syngenta VIP® Door HangerOpen Report
  • Upper Deck Open Report
  • Urban Decay VIP® Specialty PackagingOpen Report
  • Versace Open Report
  • Windex Video Product Replica Open Report

Read the Research

GfK NOP, the leading global marketing research and consulting firm has undertaken campaign specific market research for a number of Americhip™ projects. Here are some of the Starch Report results:
  • Why do the world's most recognised brands use and reorder VIP technology? Cost to Value - VIP Works! Open Report
  • Pepsi Jazz Starch Report Open Report
  • Clairol Hawafena Campaign Report Open Report
  • The Value of Multisensory Magazine Inserts Open Report
  • The ROI Success Story - ReOrders Case Study Open Report
Print House is the Exclusive Distributor of Americhip® Video-in-Print® and Multisensory products in New Zealand & South Pacific Islands.
Video-in-Print® Technology Powered by Americhip. U.S. Patent # 5,275,285 & other U.S. and Worldwide patents pending.